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Triston Masters is a Swiss record label dedicated to the analogue domain with a passion for the duplication of music audio tapes from the original master tape. In 2021 they won the silver medal for fully analogue mastering production of Erik Satie, Branka Parlić – Initiés Album. Triston Master Recordings powered by SCHOPPER third generation in the analogue domain with the mission of releasing analogue high-fidelity recording on open-reel tape.

Triston Masters releasing new albums on open-reel tape, duplicated from the original master tapes, already enjoyed by audiophiles, where every 1/4” 2-track stereo analogue tape has been released to the very highest standards, to ensure an exhilarating performance and exacting finish.

Music On Tape

.. enjoyed by audiophiles

Each album is a 15 ips, ¼-inch 2-track (½ track) analogy tape copy IEC equalization sourced from a copy of the original master tape. Playback open-reel-to-reel studio recorder is the same tape recorder as we used for doing the recording: Telefunken M10A international with V86 and V87 tube amplifiers and recording for the tape is Telefunken M 15 be sure that there is no difference between the original master tape and the copy.

Music releases on tape

... guaranteed recording sound quality

Triston Masters doesn’t use any electronic effects or post-processing, all straight to audio reel-to-reel tape, pure real-time productions, and continue to release different music genres such as classical, jazz, world music, contemporary and many others.

The original master reference: recording quality 100% guarantee, where each tape is signed and a certificate of authenticity from Switzerland.

  • Open-Reel Tape, 15ips, ¼", 2-Track
  • 10.5" NAB Reel, IEC CCIR
  • SM-911 RTM Tape
  • Duplication from the Analog Master Tape
  • Audiophile Quality Reel Spools
  • Transferred & Assembled by Hand
  • Made in Switzerland

The tape releases duplicated to the same specification as the original master tape, s limited edition to 50 copies to make sure sonic quality and reliability are never compromised, to guarantee the pedigree joy to provide the best possible sound, capability and operational experience for the music enthusiasts in the world.

Open-Reel Tape Releases From Switzerland ............ guaranteed sound quality as it has been preserved from the original master tape.

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